Invitro bag

There are 03 common kind of Invitro bags with dimension: 12 x 08 x 16.5 cm.
•• Bags without a membrane air filter;
•• Bags with an 8mm diameter membrane air filter; and
•• Bags with a 12mm diameter membrane air filter.

This is a major breakthrough in the development of large-scale tissue-cultured laboratories.

•• PP material is easily bio-degradable.
•• Labour-saving, compared with washing and drying traditional plant TC containers.
•• Energy-saving, for disinfection, as the bags can be sterilized by autoclaves or irradiation using gamma rays. Invitro bags can be folded so the weight and volume, when sterilized, are much smaller than the previous solid containers.
•• Easily adjusting the filter size: diameter from 4mm to 12mm is suitable for many different kinds of plants and different stages of the TC process.