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Invitro plants

Plant tissue culture, also referred to as micro-propagation, is a practice used to reproduce plants under sterile conditions. Advantages of plant tissue culture is that It can create a large number of clones from a single seed, It takes shortened time, no need to wait for seed development, possibly rapid propagation, unlimited season and it help to eliminate plant diseases.

Greenhouse plants

Getting plants off to a healthy start is critical to successful crop production. After propagation, plants transfer to greenhouses to promote healthy seedling production. The roles of temperature, moisture, air circulation is very important in germination, seedling development, and pest and disease control.

Invitro Bag

We cooperate with a partner in producing invitro bags, specially used for plant tissue cultures. Our partner with more than 10 years of research into how to improve invitro bag to ensure their suitability for the purpose of TC plant production