F1 Biotech Co. Ltd was established in 2013 with a team of highly qualified and experienced biotechnology engineers. By 2016, due to increasing market demand, the company decided to move its headquarters to a new location and expand its laboratory to 800m2.

We are currently supplying the Vietnamese market with plants from tissue cultured and from plug such as: Limonium sinuatum, Hydroponic Plants, Gerbera and Carnations. In the future, we aim to develop new varieties of potatoes and fresh vegetables, as well as various kinds of forest bamboos, which are used in soil erosion control. 
In addition, we are specializing in propagating tissue - cultured (TC) perennial and ornamential young plants for export to Europe, the United States and Japan. More than 80% of our TC production is exported, with our main markets being in the Netherlands, Japan and the USA. With many years of cooperatively producing and providing TC plants to nurseries around the world, we do understand the need for ornamental plants in landscaping parks, streets and gardens as well as flowerpots and cut flowers, all of which are popular in the markets.
We have a lot of experience in breeding techniques as well as a variety of TC management systems. Our main products are: Actea, Cymbidium, Dahlia, Erodium, Fatsia, Geraniums and Helleborus, however, we have many other plants, not only perennial plants.
The TC plant production process at F1 is strictly controlled by a management system with a team of experienced and dedicated technicians. We have a modern laboratory system which is used for cultivation and propagation. Based on wide knowledge and a sound background, we research and produce the best quality young plants to meet the needs of all of our customers in the field of agriculture and horticulture.

Our Vision
We are striving to become the leading agriculture TC plant supplier in Vietnam, as well as seeking to expand our market over the whole Asia Pacific Region.

Our Commitments

Quality: We are committed to producing young plants by tissue-cultured method from disease - free mother stock that will help plants grow and develop well, have high uniformity of quality, and are resistant to pests and diseases.

Timeliness: We fully understand the importance of timing issues for sowing so that we always ensure timely delivery of young plants to our customers.

Honesty: In every contract transaction in general and in every stage of work in particular, all of our staff work in the spirit of honesty, good faith and respect.


Support: We provide dedicated professional support and advice to our customers, not only before and while working together, we can also provide support after the contract has been completed.

Innovation: We are committed to being innovative, renewing every day, researching and expanding the varieties of plants with more outstanding features, and to increase crop yields. We always seek continuous improvement.

List of Product

Domestic Product                                          Export Product

01Aquatics     01Aconitum 15Carex 29Hakonechloa 43Lychnis 57Rudbeckia
02Carnations     02Actaea  16Clematis 30Helenium 44Miscanthus 58Scrophularia
03Gerbera     03Agapanthus 17Cortaderia 31Helichrysum 45Ophiopogon 59Sedum
04Limonium     04Allium 18Corydalis 32Helleborus 46Pachyphragma 60Senecio
       05Alstroemeria 19Delphinium 33Heuchera 47Perovskia 61Silene
       06Anemone 20Dicentra 34Heucherella 48Persicaria 62Silphium
       07Astilbe 21Digitalis 35Hibiscus 49Phlomis 63Stokesia
       08Astrantia 22Echinacea 36Hosta 50Phlox 64Tanacetum
       09Baptisia 23Eryngium 37Knautia 51Physalis 65Thalictrum
       10Begonia 24Ficinia 38Kniphofia 52Polemonium 66Tiarella
       11Bergenia 25Gazania 39Leontopodium 53Primula 67Trollius
       12Brunnera 26Gentiana 40Leucanthemum 54Pulmonaria 68Uncinia
       13Campanula 27Geranium 41Lewisia 55Ranonkel 69Verbascum
       14Canna 28Geum 42Ligularia 56Rodgersia